Tips for customers

Want to receive a perfect translation? Choosing the right translation company is paramount but your contribution is no less important. Below are a few tips you might consider when placing a translation order with a translation agency.

  • - Specify the purpose of the translation and who the target audience is.
  • - Don’t make the translator guess what your document is about (especially if it is a technical text). Submit pictures, Internet links and anything else that will help the translator get a clear idea about the subject of the text.
  • - Submit any terminology lists, style guides or simply previous translations in source and target languages.
  • - Instead of sending a non-editable file (i.e., scanned document, picture with text), try to search for an editable version if available. This will save you money and the translation company time.
  • - Try to send the final draft of your document. If versions get updated and sent to the translator in the middle of the working process it may compromise the quality and translation errors may appear.
  • - Try to set realistic deadlines. Otherwise, some translation agencies may divide your document into sections and distribute it among several translators with different writing styles, experience and background. In this case, even an experienced editor will not be able to make the text look homogeneous.
  • - Provide feedback. Getting positive feedback is always nice while critical points are a chance to improve